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Traditional Security controls such as IPS & Email Gateways are only effective to a certain level that is why phishing remains the most potent threat vector to date. Once a phishing email lands into the mailbox, it only takes a click to trigger a cyber attack. The longer the phishing email resides in the mailbox, the higher is the probability of the threat propagation.
The IT Security teams receive too many incidents with as little time to respond. Even after identification of phishing emails, the deletion from all end-user mailboxes remains a challenge largely due involvement of different stakeholders.


In this session you will learn

  • How phishing attacks bypass the traditional email security layer.
  • Need for an orchestrated response that involve people, process and technology
  • Framework for Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response
  • Using internal & external threat intelligence for phishing defense.
  • Defending against phishing threats through Orchestrated response from reporting, investigation, quarantine to deletion
  • Correlating Phishing Readiness, Security Awareness, Policy Compliance & Actionable Threat Intelligence.

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