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6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to PhishRod?

Cyber security awareness is critical to the survival of a business in an industry dominated by growing cyber-crime. Most companies are investing in awareness suites but they don’t seem to be paying off which means that something is clearly not working. This is mostly because at times, the awareness content is not very interactive and relatable. And when the employees are bored, they don’t take interest or comply with the security policies, let alone master the best practices that can make them the strongest link in the cyber security chain. For this reason, the cyber security awareness program is bound to fail.

Therefore, here are a few reasons as to why you should let go of your redundant cyber security software program and should switch to PhishRod instead. With PhishRod’s Suite, businesses can perform accurate cyber security assessments to pinpoint the risks along with reinforcement of security policies and measures to ensure that your security goals are being met and the vulnerable end user behaviour is periodically being assessed.


  • Integrated & Analytics Driven Approach: PhishRod’s Suite strengthens the company’s security posture with its integrated and analytics driven approach. The four modules of this suite include Phishing Simulator, Threat Advisory Manager, Security Awareness Manager and Policy Compliance Manager. With our Phishing Simulator, you can send out automated campaigns. This allows the companies to locate exactly where the vulnerabilities lie within the organization from an end user point of view. Moreover, our Security Awareness Manager allows you to review the campaign results by categorizing them to organizational, department and individual levels. The entire analytics regarding the campaign are exhibited on a single platform hence giving you clear metrics to fine-tune the awareness program.
  • One-stop-shop for Cyber Security Awareness: From assessment of end user behavior with Phishing Simulator to raising awareness with Security Awareness Manager and empowering the end users with Threat Advisory Manager, PhishRod’s Suite has it all. The adaptive and continual reinforcement by PhishRod’s Suite eliminates the need of a separate LMS.
  • Interactive & Localized Content: What makes PhishRod stand out from its competitors is its constant strive to make its content as interactive and relatable as possible.  By embedding our Computer-based Training modules with real-life like situations and built-in quizzes, PhishRod makes sure that our CBTs grasp the attention of the end users. By keeping our content SCORM compliant, multi-lingual and by devising our content creatively to reach all employees, our content prevents complacency and boredom among the end users. Moreover, PhishRod focuses on developing localized content for the end users to make the learning process easier and convenient.
  • Deployment Model: Whether your company requires PhishRod Suite on cloud or an on-premise model, our suite can be deployed to your exact business needs.
  • Policy Compliance & Threat Advisory: One of the major challenges organizations face are related to the compliance of cyber security regulations, related policies, procedures, standards and guidelines. Our Policy Compliance Manager reinforces every policy and directive that is being rolled out across the organization via an approval mechanism.
  • Unburden your SOC: PhishRod’s suite helps ensure that the end users are in a better position to prevent and respond to security incidents. As SOC in most organizations is over-burdened, integration with our Reporter Plug-in for end users help to better manage your incident reporting. This way, whenever a user reports a suspicious email, it is forwarded to the administrator instead of the SOC. The administrator evaluates the email content with authentic tools and only sends it to SOC if it turns out to be a verified malicious email. 

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