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PhishRod Threat Advisory Manager

Threat Advisory Manager empowers the end users to report a suspicious email using PhishRod Reporter. The reporter is an outlook plug-in available to all end users to report any suspicious emai. The administrator can release an immediate threat advisory based on the internal threat intelligence and the compliance against advisory is mapped on a powerful dashboard.


  • Gather internal threat intelligence using PhishRod Reporter
  • Share immediate threat advisory using Threat Advisory Manager
  • Integration with SOC for further investigation
  • Compliance dashboard against Threat Advisory
  • Maintain & develop internal threat database
  • Threat Advisory Compliance Dashboard
    • Threat Advisory Compliance
    • Advisory Acknowledgment Index
    • Reported Suspicious Emails
    • Time / Department wise advisory compliance

Centralized Internal Threat Intelligence

PhishRod Threat Advisory Manager helps an organization to gather internal threat intelligence by empowering the end users to report any suspicious email.

Integration with PhishRod Suite

PhishRod Threat Advisory Manager is fully integrated with PhishRod Security Awareness Manager & PhishRod Simulator to ensure analytics driven human readiness against cyber attacks.

Powerful Dashboard & Workflow

PhishRod has an easy to use workflow to release threat advisory based on the reported suspicious emails and a powerful dashboard to monitor compliance against the advisory released.