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86% of the organizations in Middle East & North Africa believe that phishing has the highest potential to trigger an effective cyber attack. Despite having all the technology based security controls in place, Phishing emails continue to be the biggest source of malware spread.
It is the need of the hour for organizations to assess the current state of phishing readiness and develop an analytics driven enterprise security awareness framework.

This workshop intends to help organizations in Middle East to develop a Maturity Level 5 Cyber Security Awareness Framework.

Topics to be covered

  • 1. The changing threat landscape
  • 2. Human based threat vectors
  • 3. Components of an effective cyber security awareness framework
    • a. Assess the phishing readiness
    • b. Aware the end users
    • c. Empower end users to gather threat intelligence
    • d. Enforce compliance of corporate policies
  • 4. Integrated & analytics driven approach
  • 5. Correlating phishing index & security awareness index
  • 6. Automating your security awareness program
  • 7. Defining metrics / KPI
  • 8. Case studies
    • a. End Users: Perfect Source of Residue Threat Intelligence, one of the largest oil refineries in Middle East.
    • b. Transforming to a true cyber secure culture, the largest healthcare organization in Middle East.


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