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6 Points to “Know Before” you invest in a Security Awareness Solution

Despite having the best of the breed technology, the weakest link in IT security is still humans making phishing attacks via human error the most common threat in 2020. At this alarming rate, it is imperative to have a security awareness and defense mechanism that empowers end users. The below are a few considerations before you invest in a security awareness solution.


1: Can the Content be Customized?

Content is the key to ensure the success of any cybersecurity awareness program. The content not only has to be engaging but should also relate to the local & regional context. Every organization has a different culture hence the awareness content should be flexible enough to be customized and adapted for every organization.

It is a proven fact that end users relate well to the examples and context that suits more their culture. Therefore, customization of the training modules from content, storyboard & characters perspective is imperative for the success of your awareness program. It’s not about the quantity of the content library, it’s about the quality and relatability.


2: Correlation between Phishing Readiness & Security Awareness?

Organizations invest in cybersecurity awareness programs to bring about the change in behavior of the end users. The ultimate objective is to measure the “Phishing Readiness” of end users, departments and ultimately the entire organization. There is a direct correlation between phishing readiness & security awareness. If end users are aware, naturally they will be more prepared against phishing attacks. The phishing readiness solution must provide a direct correlation between phishing readiness & security awareness in a quantitative manner.


3: Does it support both On Premise & On Cloud Model?

While the world has embraced cloud technology, there are still a lot of sensitive organizations who believe that their data is more secure as long as it resides with them. The security awareness solution provider must provide you the flexibility to choose between On Premise & Cloud Model especially if you are sensitive about sharing your employee data.


4: Awareness Portal vs Enterprise Awareness Approach

Cyber Security Awareness is an integral part of the cybersecurity strategy for any organization and must follow an enterprise driven approach. The solution must provide a workflow where the CISO can define what content to be assigned to which user/department rather than the typical “self-assign” way of content rollout. The enterprise approach provides the CISO more control & visibility over the cyber security awareness program.


5: Integrated Analytics for Security Awareness, Phishing Readiness & Policy Compliance

The most difficult investment for a CISO to secure from the management is for Cyber Security Awareness. The boxes procured are visible in the data center, the behavior change is time taking. The qualitative nature of the existing security awareness solutions does not help either. The next generation cybersecurity awareness solutions provide quantitative approach towards security awareness automation with Key Performance Indicators for Security Awareness, Phishing Readiness & Policy Compliance for individual users, departments & Organization wide. The availability of such KPI’s helps a CISO to keep track of their awareness initiative. The integrated analytics also help in presenting a strong case for security awareness in front of the management.


6: Can you create your own SCORM Compliant Training Modules?

Your existing security awareness solution may have the largest content library but if the content does not relate to your organization then what is the point? The next generation security awareness solutions provide you the flexibility to convert your existing PowerPoint content into SCORM compliant training modules that can be assigned to end users via LMS. This gives you the power to create your own customizable, SCORM Compliant computer-based training modules at no extra cost.


About PhishRod

PhishRod is one of the leading anti-phishing solution provider. PhishRod suite contains Security Awareness Manager, Phishing Simulator, Automated Phishing Incident Response & Policy Compliance Manager. Our ability to customize the content along with the analytics driven approach for phishing readiness, security awareness & policy compliance helps the organization fortify their first line of defense. PhishRod comes with 90+ built-in threat intelligence feeds that helps an organization to report, analyze, quarantine and delete suspicious emails. For further information, please visit

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