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PhishRod announces integration with PhishTank & Google safe browsing API for threat intelligence

PhishRod, a leading solution provider for Phishing Readiness & Security Awareness announced the integration of its threat advisory platform with PhishTank & Google Safe Browsing API.

PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet. The integration of PhishRod Threat Advisory Manager with PhishTank provides organizations with ability to instantly identify email based phishing attacks.

The end user in an organization is provided a “PhishRod Reporter Plug-In”. Once an end user reports a suspicious email via Reporter Plug-In, PhishRod Threat Advisory Manager receives the attachments, header information and links in that reported email. PhishRod administrator has the option of verifying the reported suspicious email either with PhishTank or Google Safe Browsing API.

Once the reported email has been analyzed, built-in automated workflow helps to build a case and share it with Security Operations Centre team.

The integration serves as a perfect platform to do a preliminary analysis on the reported threats thereby reducing burden on the SOC team.

About PhishRod

PhishRod is a leading anti-phishing solutions provider with an objective to develop technologies that enable people in the organizations to combat cyber-attacks. Having headquarter in the US and regional office in Middle East, PhishRod has a strong partner network across Middle East, Africa, Europe & Australia. PhishRod addresses the human risk through its innovative technology for Phishing Simulation, Security Awareness Automation, Policy Compliance Management & Threat Advisory & Analysis. PhishRod suite integrates with the leading security technologies, such as PhishTank, Virus Total, Google Safe Browsing API & SIEM for advance threat analytics.

For queries related to partner network, investor relations, & product features please contact:

Email: info@phishrod.co 

Direct: +1 302-669-9129

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