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Phishing attacks are on the rise in Middle East & North Africa. While organizations deploy state of the art technology, hackers continue to find ways to infiltrate and steal confidential data. Once a phishing email bypasses the secure email gateway, an end user click is all what it takes to trigger a cyber-attack.
In this session, PhishRod will conduct domain & email spoofing exercise to demonstrate how hackers land a phishing email to your mailbox and how an automated phishing incident response can be formed to delete phishing emails that have landed in the mailbox.


PhishRod invites you to participate in an hour-long hands on session, where you will learn:

  1. How Hackers by Pass a Secure Email Gateway?
  2. Domain & Email Spoofing
  3. Putting SPF Controls to Test
  4. Automating Phishing Incident Response
  5. Using Internal Threat Intelligence for Phishing Defense
  6. Effective Integration of SOC & IT Infrastructure
  7. Coordinated Response to Delete Phishing Emails from End User Mailbox


  1. Certificate of Participation
  2. 200 User License of PhishRod Phishing Defense Center
  3. Voucher for a Cyber Security Certification

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