October is here and is observed as “Cyber Security Awareness Month” throughout the world. It reminds all of us that no cyber security strategy would be successful without engaging and providing awareness to the end users.
PhishRod is inviting all cyber security professionals to book an exclusive cyber security session for end users of their organization.


Agenda for Cyber Security Awareness Session

  1. Understanding Cyber Security
  2. How Hackers Steal Confidential Information
  3. Regional Cyber Security Incidents that involved End Users
  4. Role of End Users in protecting digital assets
  5. Best Practices for Cyber Security
  6. Online Game & Quiz

Session Details

  1. The session will be conducted online via Zoom / Microsoft Teams.
  2. Maximum 250 users per session will be allowed.
  3. The live & interactive session will be of 45 minutes duration with additional 15 minutes for Q&A.
  4. The session will be conducted by PhishRod Awareness Team in collaboration with the cyber security & HR team of the organization.
  5. The awareness session agenda can be customized to cater for your organization’s specific requirement for awareness.
  6. Each Participant of the session will receive a certificate from PhishRod after completion of the awareness content.
  7. Dedicated PhishRod Account Manager will be assigned to coordinate the details of the session.

You are aware, but your end users may not be. Avail this opportunity to promote cyber aware culture within your organization.