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It’s time to AWARE, not SCARE

Download Security Awareness Content & Work from Home Policy Template amid rise in Phishing attacks related to Corona Virus.


CORONA. Yes, it’s the name that is flooding on every social and main stream media for the last few weeks. Since its outbreak in December 2019, it has quite literally been the talk of every town. Being a virus that causes respiratory illness, it is transmitted through respiratory droplets where the infected person develops symptoms of cold, flu and cough.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic on 11th March, while its outbreak caused US to declare a national emergency a few days later.

As the world is struggling to limit the spread of this virus, there are opportunists trying to cash-in the opportunity. Hackers are no different. Due to the curiosity that is growing amongst the end users to know more about Corona, there is a sudden increase in the websites related to Covid-19. Most of them are definitely serving the good cause, but a few of them are being used for phishing attacks and to lure end users into clicking a link or download an attachment to trigger a cyber-attack.

According to Forbes, the following are a few of the websites being used for malicious activities.

  • coronavirusstatus[.]space
  • coronavirus-map[.]com
  • blogcoronacl.canalcero[.]digital
  • coronavirus[.]zone
  • coronavirus-realtime[.]com
  • coronavirus[.]app
  • bgvfr.coronavirusaware[.]xyz
  • coronavirusaware[.]xyz

In one aspect, a computer virus and Covid-19 are similar in nature because when no vaccine or anti-virus is available, awareness & the ability to quarantine have proven to be the most effective remedy.

PhishRod, a global anti-phishing solution provider is contributing to the cause of awareness by providing a cyber security awareness toolkit amid Corona related phishing attacks. The toolkit contains awareness posters that can be shared with the end users. The content can be customized based on your organization’s branding guidelines.

The awareness toolkit also contains Work from Home policy template that can be customized and pushed to all end users for their consent using PhishRod Policy Compliance Manager.

About PhishRod

PhishRod is a global provider of anti-phishing solution to thwart phishing attacks by empowering end users. PhishRod suite includes Security Awareness Manager, Phishing Simulator, Policy Compliance Manager & Phishing Defense Center with built-in threat intelligence feeds to report, analyze, quarantine & delete phishing emails.

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It’s time to AWARE, not SCARE