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2019 happens to be the 19th year of National Cyber Security Awareness Month initiative. PhishRod takes this opportunity to raise awareness among organizations against cyber threats and is committed to promoting cyber security awareness to help end users stay informed and protected online. To contribute to this initiative, we have developed a cyber security toolkit that will help create a cyber secure environment for your organization.


Share our awareness posters with end users to beware them of cyber threats and how to avoid them.



Learn Cyber security awareness in an interactive way with our infographics.


Computer Based Training

Aware your employees about different aspects of cyber security through detailed computer-based trainings.


Phishing Simulation Templates

Assess the phishing readiness of your employees using our phishing simulation templates.


PhishRod can customize the posters, computer based training modules & infographics of the information security awareness toolkit as per the branding guidelines of your organization. Should you be requiring that, please feel free to contact us.

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