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Stay Safe & Secure

PhishRod, a leading solution provider for pre-emptive phishing defense & security awareness announced launch of “Stay Safe & Secure”. This program is designed to provide awareness to end users on safety protocols related to COVID-19 & how to respond to any phishing scams while they work from home.


The program includes the following products & services that will be provided to all organizations free of charge after sign up.

  1. Phishing Simulator license for 200 users with customizable COVID-19 related phishing templates.
  2. Security Awareness Manager License for 200 users with pre built content on security awareness.
  3. Computer Based Training Module on COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & How to detect & report COVID-19 related Phishing Scams.
  4. Policy Compliance Manager to share & track any policies to ensure compliance related to work from home.
  5. Customized Infographic related to COVID-19 Phishing Scams.