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Cybercriminals today are not just targeting technology, but humans as well. Almost all cyber security incidents trace back to social engineering, phishing emails, or business email compromise. According to a study conducted by IBM Security in 2023, 95% of breaches occurred due to human error, only proving the point that hackers exploit human risk. Human risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing, and addressing the cyber risks associated with human behavior.

PhishRod and DTS Solution cordially invite you to our Executive Roundtable focusing on 'Addressing Human Risk to Build Cyber Resilience,' taking place on Thursday, May 23rd, 2024, starting from 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM.


The objective of this roundtable is to highlight the importance of human risk management, understanding different models to address the human risks, how to leverage technology to identify vulnerable end user behavior, automating & integrating core components of human risk management program and how to build a cyber secure culture.


  • Understanding Human Risk Management
  • Focus on Vulnerable End User Behavior: Paradigm Shift
  • Understanding Techno-Human Vulnerabilities
  • Dissecting 5 Global Cyber Security Incidents –The Human Angle
  • Building a Human Cyber Risk Management Program
  • Identifying Human Risk through Dark Web Monitoring & Exposure Assessment
  • Integrating Security Awareness, Phishing Readiness, Policy Compliance, & Phishing Incident Response.
  • Measuring Quantitative KPI’s for End-User Behavior Transformation
  • Building a Cyber Secure Culture

Target Audience

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Auditor
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Security Analysts
  • Chief Technology Officer


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