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Conventional security awareness solutions rely only on email driven communication and non-interactive learning. Employing unconventional and innovative engagement methods are essential to build a cybersecure culture and transform end-user behavior.

Leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, CyberDesk AI empowers end users and encourages self-directed learning through an AI Chatbot, offering a dynamic channel to raise awareness and actively engage with end users.

CyberDesk - AI Powered Cyber Security Awareness Chatbot

End users can now interact with CyberDesk AI, our cyber security focused AI-powered Chatbot that provides interactive and instant awareness to end users on unlimited topics related to cyber security in 50+ languages.

Integration with PhishRod Suite

CyberDesk AI works as a desktop agent and provides an alternate channel for communication for security awareness. It is fully integrated with the PhishRod suite and works as an adaptive and collaborative tool to remind end users whenever IT teams assign security awareness & policy compliance modules to end users via both desktop notifications and emails.

Key Benefits

  • Serves as an alternate channel for delivering security awareness and policy compliance notifications
  • Provides interactive and real-time access to information regarding cybersecurity
  • Gathers behavioral insights based on end users’ interactions with CyberDesk AI