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Enterprise Security Awareness Framework

Addressing human risk and fostering a cyber-secure culture requires a comprehensive strategy. This entails developing processes and policies which are the foundations of a cyber security awareness program. The Enterprise Security Awareness Framework provides guidelines for organizations on how to build, operate, and monitor a security awareness initiative. PhishRod specializes in tailoring enterprise security awareness frameworks, which outlines all the requirements to build a successful awareness program. It covers:

  • Performing a Gap Analysis against the current & optimal required state of cybersecurity awareness
  • Conducting cyber skills survey assessments
  • Determining end-user behavior using phishing simulation campaigns
  • Automating security awareness program
  • Automating policy compliance
  • Automating phishing incident response program
  • Co-relating phishing index, security awareness index, and policy compliance index
  • Building an internal threat intelligence database

Behavior Assessment

End Users are the weakest link in the cyber security ecosystem. Hackers use sophisticated social engineering techniques such as Phishing, Quishing, Whaling, etc. to lure end users to reveal sensitive information. Recent studies indicate 95% of end users are vulnerable to social engineering attacks. Hence, a comprehensive behavior assessment is important to identify the most vulnerable end users and what end user-centric threats they are susceptible to. PhishRod employs a proven methodology to identify patterns in end user behavior, preparing them to tackle cyber threats effectively.

Gap Analysis

Performing a Gap Analysis helps determine the areas of improvement in the organization’s existing cybersecurity awareness posture. PhishRod utilizes proven industry standards to help organizations reach the desired level of security awareness. During this review, existing policies & procedures related to cyber security awareness are taken into consideration. Based on this analysis, a roadmap is then designed to help build, maintain, and measure a high impact security awareness program that reduces risk by changing people’s behavior and meet the organization’s legal, compliance, and audit requirements.