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The efficacy of security awareness programs is largely dependent on the engagement level of the content. One-dimensional static awareness content often fails to achieve the desired results. Gamification instills a sense of competitiveness among employees and is an excellent way to stimulate end users' interest. Our gamification portfolio contains virtual reality games and digital escape rooms designed to be highly engaging and offer an immersive experience.

Cyber Quest VR Game

Cyber Quest is a virtual reality game which simulates real-time threats with scenarios related to Phishing, Social Engineering, Physical Security in various environments and helps them learn about cyber security best practices related to Clear Desk Clear Screen & Password Security at work. It is an entirely customizable experience with localized characters and bilingual content.

Cyber Island

A freeware game that takes users on a journey to an island lurking with cyber threats. Users navigate different stages like Phishing Island, Malware Dock, Strait of Social Engineering, Bay of Insider Threat, and Ransomware dock and are given hints and tricky questions to overcome these threats to ultimately reach the destination: Cyber Island.

Digital Escape Rooms

Digital Escape rooms are time-bound interactive awareness games that stimulate end user’s interest and explain complex security threats in a simple gamified manner for enhanced learning.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances employee interest leading to increased participation in awareness programs
  • Improves information retention due to immersive nature of content enabling behavior transformation
  • Ensures better understanding of cyber threats with engaging gamification
  • Instills healthy competition & helps foster a cyber-resilient organizational culture

To learn more about how PhishRod transforms cybersecurity awareness and training through gamification, get in touch with us!