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I-Pledge is a cyber security awareness initiative by PhishRod where end users pledge to play their role in protecting their organization from cyber threats.

It is designed to bring about a cultural change where end users are made aware of their obligations toward securing critical assets. The end users pledge to follow the best practices for cyber security as outlined in the respective policies of their organization.

Under the I-Pledge initiative, organizations can request PhishRod for Pledge declaration, Computer Based Training Modules, Online Webinars/workshops, Posters & Infographics for security awareness. All services under the I-Pledge initiative are complimentary.

PhishRod will also provide Policy Compliance Manager module free of charge to automate the pledge declaration process regardless of the number of users.

Join hundreds of other organizations across the world taking the pledge & ensuring that their end-users will play their part to protect against cyber threats.



Be A Part Of I-Pledge