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If you are an organization that believes having an Endpoint, IDS, Secure Email Gateway, Web Gateway, Next Generation Firewall, Next Generation IPS, DLP, Next Generation SIEM, NAC and numerous other controls guarantee a concrete security environment, then the Phish Me Challenge is for you.
As the vendors continue to develop the latest technologies, the hackers are not far behind. They now target the end users, The Humans, The weakest link. All they need is a way to bypass the secure email gateway with an email with a malicious link or attachment. In the end, it all boils down to the end users’ ability to identify the suspicious email and report it.


What is the Phish Me Challenge?

Despite having all the technology controls in place, a phishing email is all that it takes for a hacker to drop malware, gain access to your computer and exfiltrate all the confidential data. Phish Me Challenge is designed to highlight the risks related to email compromise and end user behavior analysis.

How it works?

Once you sign up for the "Phish Me Challenge", our team will work with you to determine the following

  1. Can you receive a Phishing Email despite having the Secure Email Gateway?
  2. Can your email address be used by someone for Phishing?
  3. End User Readiness against Phishing Attacks
  4. Quantitative Analysis for Phishing Readiness


  1. Detailed Report on Email Compromise Assessment
  2. Detailed Report on Phishing Readiness
  3. Framework for Developing a Phishing Incident Response Program

About PhishRod

PhishRod is one of the leading anti-phishing solution provider. PhishRod suite contains Security Awareness Manager, Phishing Simulator, Automated Phishing Incident Response & Policy Compliance Manager. Our ability to customize the content along with the analytics driven approach for phishing readiness, security awareness & policy compliance helps the organization fortify their first line of defense. PhishRod comes with 90+ built-in threat intelligence feeds that helps an organization to report, analyze, quarantine and delete suspicious emails.

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