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PhishRod Security Awareness Manager is a learning management system designed for cybersecurity teams. It contains a rich content library with 500+ artifacts including built-in SCORM Compliant multilingual training modules that can be assigned to the end users with complete track and visibility, microlearning videos, infographics & screensavers, emailers, posters, and newsletters.

The IT Security team can assign computer-based training modules to the end users to be completed within a defined period. End users who complete the modules in time and fulfill the passing criteria are issued a certificate of completion. The certificate can be completely customized based on the organization's branding guidelines. Other important characteristics of the security awareness manager include:

Key Features

  • Rich Library with 500+ artifacts
  • Machine Lock Integration
  • End User Awareness Portal
  • Customizable Content
  • MS Teams Integration
  • AI-Driven Chatbot
  • Gamification
  • Powerful dashboards related to security awareness reflecting:
    • Organizational Security Awareness Index
    • Department Wide Security Awareness Index
    • Individual User Security Awareness Index
    • Most Aware End Users
    • Most Aware Departments
    • Correlation between Phishing Index & Awareness Index

Besides the built-in SCORM content, an organization can upload any predeveloped security awareness modules. Our automated approval workflow to assign modules to end users ensure that the CISO approves any security awareness campaigns that are being executed.

Key Benefits

  • Aware, Empower & Engage end users to create a cyber secure culture
  • Develop & Automate a KPI-Driven Cyber Security Awareness Program
  • Multilingual content designed according to the international best practices for security awareness
  • Customizable content that meets your organizational needs

Standout Use Cases

  • Scheduling of awareness content for the entire organization, department, or specific end users
  • Automatic regulation of timing of awareness module distribution based on performance from simulation exercises
  • Customized content based on organizational roles:
    • Technical Staff | IT Personnel
    • Non-technical Staff
    • Middle Management
    • Senior Management
    • C-level Executives
  • Automated notifications and reminders of assigned modules and policies via:
    • CyberDesk AI (AI-Driven Chatbot)
    • Emails
  • Content library customization to enhance existing security awareness
  • Development of new topics on demand
  • Customization options for content, storyboard, quiz, and illustrations