PhishRod Simulator Detail

Phishing Simulator

Determine the end user behavior against phishing attacks using Phishing Simulator

Phishing Simulator allows an organization to gauge the diligence of its employees against suspicious emails. With an extensive range of proven phishing templates, PhishRod can help you run simulation exercises to better prepare your workforce to determine the end user behavior and if they can detect a malicious email in a real-world scenario.

Since 67% of the breaches occur due to human error, an organization is most susceptible to a cyberattack due to the negligence of an employee getting phished by a malicious email. With Phishing Simulator, you can instill vigilance in your employees and protect the investment done for cybersecurity from drowning due to one wrong click.

Customized Phishing Scenarios can be created using click only, attachment based & data entry templates. All end user actions such as clicking on a link, downloading an attachment, or data entry of a form is mapped on a dashboard.


  1. 600+ Proven Phishing Templates
  2. Multilingual Support
  3. Data Entry, Attachment Based & Click Only Template Types
  4. Integration with Security Awareness to assign awareness content to phished users
  5. Customizable Landing Pages
  6. Integrated Analytics for Phishing Index, Awareness Index & Policy Compliance Index
  7. Ability to integrate Security Awareness Videos
  8. Built-in Workflow for approval of phishing campaigns
  9. Complete Trace & Track of the Phishing Scenario
    1. Organizational Phishing Index
    2. Departmental Phishing Index
    3. Individual Phishing Index
    4. Most Vulnerable users
    5. IP Address Details
    6. Browser Used
    7. Awareness Content Status Completion

Key Benefits

  • Increased visibility into end user behavior
  • Trace & Track employees that demonstrate vulnerable behavior
  • Fine tune your email gateway by running simulation tests with different domains
  • Design your security awareness program based on the end user behavior analysis
  • Identify the most vulnerable employees

Automated Scheduler allows you to run simulation exercises on a pre-defined calendar that can be designed around any particular event, date and day.

PhishRod Templates library is fully customizable and updated regularly. Phish-X, our research team continues to look out for the most potent threat vectors, replicates them and advise you to test the readiness of your end users against the phishing scams.

Key Performance Indicators such as Phishing Index, Most Vulnerable End Users, Most Vulnerable Departments & Most Potent Threat Vectors helps an organization to develop an effective strategy for phishing defense.

PhishRod ensures immediate learning for all the end users that are phished during the phishing simulation campaign. Once the end users click a link or download an attachment, they are taken to a fully customizable landing page. The landing page can contain the text or video based awareness content.