Security controls such as IPS & Email Gateways are only effective to a certain level. This is why phishing remains the most potent threat vector to date. Once a phishing email lands into the mailbox, it only takes a click to trigger a cyberattack. The longer the phishing email resides in the mailbox, the bigger is the probability of the threat propagation.
The objective of this workshop is to help the organizations developing & automating the phishing incident response plan. During this hands-on workshop, the participants will learn how to tackle phishing problem from a people, process & technology perspective. The workshop focuses on determining end user behavior against phishing attacks, providing threat intelligence to end users so they can report suspicious emails accurately and automate the process of analyzing & remediating phishing email remediation with PhishScout.


Workshop Agenda

  1. How Phishing Emails bypass the Secure Email Gateway
  2. Differentiating Dumb VS Intelligent Reporter Plug-In
  3. Providing user friendly threat intelligence to end users for accurate reporting
  4. 360 Degree Analysis of a Phishing Email using 90+ Threat Intelligence Engines
    • IP Reputation Analysis
    • Domain Reputation Analysis
    • Email Verification
    • Site Verification
    • URL Reputation Analysis
    • Payload / Attachment Analysis
  5. Auto Quarantine & Deletion of suspicious emails
  6. Building Internal Threat Intelligence Database
  7. Automating Cyber Security Awareness & Policy Compliance
  8. Developing your own Incident Response Playbook

Take Away

  1. Certificate of Participation
  2. Phishing Incident Response Playbook