Security Awareness As A Service

Security Awareness as a Service

Develop, Automate & Execute High Impact Awareness Program With Minimum Resources

Despite having the best technology in place, every day we hear incidents related to brand reputation or financial loss through a ransomware, identity theft, social engineering or a phishing scam.

While organizations invest in technology to strengthen the defense, the hackers are now targeting the weakest link in the organization. i.e. The Humans.

Current Challenges

Building an impactful security awareness program is a time taking process. It requires significant human resources and time to bring about a cultural change with respect to cyber security.

The below are some of the challenges related to security awareness program development in the current scenario:

  1. Lack of Resources for automation & development of the awareness program
  2. High dependency on the tool for program automation
  3. Starting the awareness program without knowing the baseline
  4. Unable to benchmark the awareness program against any standard or best practice
  5. Lack of analytics & KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the program
  6. Unable to justify the ROI of the existing security

PhishRod: Awareness as a Service

Awareness as a Service is designed for organizations who intend to develop high impact security awareness program but have limited resources in this area.

Our Managed Services team takes complete ownership of the security awareness program from development to execution while prioritizing client’s input at all times.

The following are the services offered as a part of Awareness as a Service:
  • Gap Analysis against Cyber Security Awareness Maturity Model Level 5
  • Cyber Skills Assessment via Survey
  • Cyber Skills Assessment via Gamification
  • Development of Cyber Security Awareness Framework
  • Automation of the Security Awareness Program
  • Phishing Simulation as a Service
  • Policy Compliance as a Service
  • Customized Security Awareness Content Development
  • Security Awareness Workshops
  • Security Awareness Day