While organizations are still heavily dependent on technology controls for protection against cyberattacks, adversaries continue to find ways to infiltrate and steal confidential data by exploiting vulnerable end-user behavior through potent threat vectors like Phishing.

Even with state-of-the-art technology in place, the weakest link in IT security is still humans. That is why the need for a structured approach by developing an enterprise security awareness framework has become inevitable.

An Enterprise Security Awareness Framework helps create a cyber secure culture and empowers its workforce to contribute towards identifying and thwarting a cyberattack.

During this webinar, the participants will learn how to develop an enterprise security awareness framework along with the following agenda:

  1. Gap Analysis against cybersecurity awareness maturity model
  2. Conducting cyber skills survey assessments
  3. Determining end-user behavior using phishing simulation campaigns
  4. Automating security awareness program
  5. Automating policy compliance
  6. Automating phishing incident response program
  7. Co-relating phishing index, security awareness index, and policy compliance index
  8. Building an internal threat intelligence database

Webinar Duration: 1.5 hours

Take Aways:

  1. Certificate of Participation
  2. Phishing Incident Response Playbook