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Banking & Finance

Preventing Cybersecurity Threats with Phishing Readiness and End User Awareness

One of the largest banks in Qatar found itself under the impeding threat of cyberattacks. In today’s digital age, where the disclosure of sensitive financial information due to cyberattacks is unfortunately common, a new breed of cyber threats has emerged, characterized by their sophistication and rapid evolution. These evolving threats have left every organization vulnerable to potential breaches.

Middle East
Oil & Gas

Empowering End Users to Thwart Cyber Attacks

This oil refinery had almost all the technology-based controls including Next-Generation Firewalls, Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS), and Email Gateways. Despite all these technical security controls, their end-users continued to receive phishing emails. The organization had policies on information security but had no visibility of their compliance by end users.

Middle East

Fortifying Cyber Resilience for a Leading Telecommunications Provider

A major telecommunications provider in Africa recognized the importance of fortifying their defenses against these evolving cyber threats like phishing. The telecommunications provider identified critical gaps in their cybersecurity strategy, notably the absence of a Compliance Manager and the reliance on rudimentary phishing simulations. The use of the company's own email for simulations presented a significant vulnerability, leaving the organization exposed to potential phishing threats.

Banking & Finance

Addressing the Human Risk & Building a Cyber Secure Culture for One of the Leading Banks

A leading bank in Egypt wanted to address the human risks from cyber security perspective. They intended to build a cyber security awareness program with an objective to transform end user behavior. Besides being an internal initiative, the bank had to comply to the guidelines provided by the Central Bank of Egypt as well as Egypt Financial Cyber Security Framework.

North Africa
Oil & Gas

Enhancing Cybersecurity Resilience with Automated Defense Against Phishing

For an organization that is one of the largest oil & gas giants of Texas, a market leader, and employs 70,000+ employees, it became increasingly difficult to protect their workforce from rising cyberattacks. Phishing attempts and other cyberattacks started disrupting their operations, so a need for an efficient and swift phishing defense mechanism arose.

North America

Revolutionizing Digital Resilience with Cyber Security Awareness Program Automation

This PhishRod client is one of the largest hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 17,000 employees, they have branches across 4 major cities in the Kingdom. PhishRod was selected by the customer to automate the security awareness program and policy compliance to empower its end users against phishing attacks.

Middle East